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Total Refurbs offer our customers throughout the Leicestershire region only the very highest standard of carpentry and timber work for the properties.

Our team of refurbishment specialists can handle most if not all types of exterior and interior timber work at a price and quality you'll find hard to beat.

Timber work services at a glance...

  • Guttering
  • Moch Tudor style houses (Timber beams, render and painting)
  • Door hanging (Internal and external)
  • Architraves
  • Skirting Boards

Cost effective replacement of guttering - The gutters on your property channel the rain water collected by your roof space away from your property normally into your storm water drains or a soak away.

Door Hanging

  • Door replacements and repairs
  • New internal and external door fitting

Architraves & Skirting boards
Does your architrave or skirting around your interior door, or adjacent to it, need replacing? Architrave is the decorative detail around your door, as well as running around your room at ceiling level. Skirting board runs around the base of your walls.

Both are decorative features that can really set off a door or whole room, but if they become damaged, overworked by redecoration, splintered or damp then it is best to replace them.

To replace your architrave or skirting boards we will carefully remove these from around your door, ceiling or floor. These items are decorative they do not support anything, so simple to remove. Then levered away from the wall the area cleaned and prepared for the fitting of new skirting or architrave.

We will cut the replacement architrave or skirting to size, matching the current design if you are only replacing part of these features. Once the old architrave or skirting is removed and the wall or door area is prepared, your joiner or carpenter will cut the new ones to size. Then attach these to the wall or around the door, using wood glue, nails and/or mastic, depending on the type of architrave or skirting used. They will fill in any gaps between parts of the architrave or skirting before sanding any surrounding parts and then painting the new and old areas to make sure that these both match. They may also suggest painting all the architrave around the floor and ceiling once you have had a door architrave replaced. This means that the whole room will be refreshed and all the paintwork on these decorative features will match.

Once the job is finished we will clean up any sawdust, paint or debris from the job. The overall cost will depend on just how much architrave you are having replaced and how complex a job it is.

Mock Tudor House
We offer a wide array of timber work services and specialise in timber work for Mock Tudor houses, within the Leicestershire area.

Weathered and deteriorating timber cladding is a common sight among mock Tudor properties. Do you own a modern home that has become old looking with scruffy paintwork? Maybe the brickwork of your property at ground level was in good condition but the panels have excessive flaking paint, and the beams around the mock Tudor features had become flaky and brittle. If so urgent attention maybe needed to avoid further deterioration of the external appearance of the house.

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