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Take the stress of of your next rendering project with a call to Total Refurbs, a leading Leicestershire rendering company.

Total Refurbs have a vast range of experience with all types of render and dash work, from traditional renders and pebble dash to the latest in silicone and polymer rendering.

We repair, maintain, renovate and paint all wall and masonry surfaces including Stone, Brick, Pebbledash, Spar Dash, Render, Plaster, Stucco, Tyrolean, Masonry and Concrete.

We protect, renovate, repair and provide exterior wall maintenance for houses and commercial properties throughout Leicestershire.

Total Refurbs can help with any of the following...

Peeling or Cracked Paint
If your property looks tired and is suffering from peeling wall paint or cracked wall paint, we can restore your property using our wall repair system. This will bring your property back as good as new and will stay that way for decades (we guarantee it!).

Repair Wall Render, Cracked, Loose or Blown Render
If your exterior walls are suffering from cracked, loose or blown render, we can, restore, repair and protect your damaged walls. This will provide a beautiful finish, offer guaranteed protection from penetrating damp and will stay maintenance free for years to come.

Wall Pointing, Re-Pointing, Failed Masonry Pointing
Pointing is the visible edge of the mortar joint between the bricks or stone, which provides an attractive finish and protection against the elements. Defective pointing can lead to further problems such aspenetrating damp and loose masonry if left unrepaired.

Pebbledash Repairs
We can repair problems such as loose or cracked pebbledash and even replace pebbledash entirely with one of our wall coating systems, in a wide range of colours and finishes (see our masonry coatings gallery for examples). This will dramatically transform a dull old dash to a beautiful new vibrant finish.

Exterior Wall Repairs
The exterior skin of a building whether it be brick, stone, render or paint, is important to the health of the entire structure. Defective exterior walls will result in internal damp, loose masonry, rotting timbers, spalled stone and brick. Very often, prevention is much cheaper than the cure!

Traditional Render
Traditionally, render was made up of a simple sand and cement mix. However, advances in technology have come a long way more recently with the addition of polymers, silicones, acrylics, aggregates, reinforcement and crack fibres. Polymer insulation renders are a perfect cost effective solution and have a variety of external wall applications. These can be applied either with the substrate or alternatively as a finish to an existing wall.

House Rendering
A quality render coat, well applied, will improve the appearance of your home and protect it from the elements. We are able to carry out silicone rendering work, traditional rendering, coloured rendering.

So what types of render can Total Refurbs handle?

We have a selection of different types of external render and decorative finishes to protect and enhance the appearance of your home. They range from the traditional sand/cement render which can be painted, to modern coloured renders that don’t require painting. Please see the images below to see the render finish you can choose from.

Traditional sand/cement renders
Traditional renders consist of sharp washed sand, Portland cement and hydrated lime. The proportions of each depend on the type of wall and level of exposure to weather. Stainless steel or plastic rendering beads are fixed to corners for protection; bellcast beads are fixed above damp proof course, windows and doors to protect them, and to deflect rainwater.

Coloured renders
‘Through colour’ renders are premixed bags of render, which are pre-coloured during manufacture. These renders are particularly appealing as they do not require painting and offer long-term protection on a broad range of surfaces. Coloured renders consist of graded aggregates; white Portland cement, lime, polymer admixtures, silicones and a colour pigment. The silicone repellents are an integral part of the render, as they repel water from the surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through and let the substrate breathe, reducing condensation. The renders come in a wide range of colours and can be finished in different textures, from a flat-sponged float finish or a rougher scraped finish and pebbledash.

Colour PVC corner beads and stop beads can be used to match the render or provide a contrast.

Acrylic Render
Acrylic renders are becoming very popular, it is factory premixed, it consists of aggregates (sand) ranging from 1mm to 3mm in size and acrylic resin as the main binder, not cement. This makes it a flexible and crack resistant finish that can be applied to new or existing render. Ideal for refurbishment giving tired and dull looking structures a new lease of life, and available in a wide range of colours and textures.
Acrylics have exceptional weather proofing properties; they are vapour permeable reducing condensation, and have self-cleaning properties for low maintenance.

Types of render finish...

Smooth finish
Render is applied in 2 coats the topcoat is ruled flat, then floated and sponged to a smooth finish.

Tyrolean finish
A textured finish, render is applied in 3 coats, the top Tyrolean coat is applied with a machine; several layers are applied to create a ‘honeycomb finish’.

Pebbledash (also known as dry dash)
Is achieved by throwing decorative stones (3-8mm) or chippings on to a wet topcoat. Coloured stones/renders can be used to create attractive finishes.

Roughcast (also known as wet dash)
Roughcast is a coarse durable finish applied in 3 coats. The top roughcast coat is a wet slurry mix of sand/cement/stone that is thrown onto the render.

Scraped textured finish
Scraped textured finish is applied to coloured renders. When the render is almost set a scraping tool is used to remove 2mm from the surface, creating a textured finish.

Total Refurbs benefits & services...

  • External rendering
  • Domestic and commercial rendering
  • Traditional sand and cement rendering
  • One coat colour mix monocouche
  • All insurance work undertaken
  • Professional, clean and tidy workmanship

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